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Therapeutic Mediation/Intervention

Therapeutic mediation is a process with two intended outcomes

  • 1 hour
  • $200hr
  • Location 1

Service Description

Therapeutic mediation is a process with two intended outcomes 1) Relief from emotional stress 2) An agreement or plan of action that is acceptable by two individual parties TAH would step in and in each session focus on therapeutic healing of emotions and conflict resolution. Each individual party would be given time to tell their truths as well as be heard. Apologies would be made with an expected outcome of true reconciliation, and an emotional weight lifted off each party. Therapeutic Mediation: can be beneficial in legal and emotional circumstances. However, for the process to work successfully both parties need to be emotionally mature and responsible. Being willing to acknowledge their own errors, reframe from blaming others and parties must be willing to partake in a process that relies heavily on problem – solving. Therapeutic Intervention: An intervention is a staged approach for encouraging someone experiencing mental health problems and/or addiction to seek treatment. It is often used with people who have substance abuse problems or may be used with anyone who is avoiding treatment or engaging in self-destructive behaviors. Therapeutic Intervention is also an approach provided by TAH for family crisis. The goal of therapeutic intervention is to initiate improvement in how the client (that someone) feels, thinks, and behaves. TAH would help focus on the modification of self-destructive behavior patterns, as in work with addictions and other self-harming behaviors.

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