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To Attain Healing Intentional Candle

To Attain Healing Intentional Candle

SKU: 364115376135191

Intentional scented candle conatining Healing elements that set the intentions to heal truama and deep emotional wounds. 

The healing intentional candle is designed to be supportive and promote healing both internally and physically. Handcrafted with love and intention. 




    The 17oz To Attain Healing Candle is a candle with the intention to heal emotional trauma. The candle is a journey to self-healing. The candle is made to burn all day while you set your intentions. Every candle has a moonstone rock at the bottom. 
    ******** DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED ***********

    Moonstone: soothes emotional instability, eases stress and stabilizes your emotions. Moonstone draws out old emotional patterns so they can be understood and released.  


    To Attain Healing's return policy is as follows.  Returns are for damaged items only. After 7 days no refunds or exchanges are offered. 

    Damages - if any of our items are damaged upon arrival a new item will be sent to buyer after a photograph has been sent to merchandiser of proof of damaged item with proof of purchase. 


    To Attain Healing offers exchanges at the buyers expense of returning and shipping. Clothing items are true to size. It is up to the buyer to know what size he/she is ordering so that excahnges does not have to be made. 


    Candle Care:

    TRIM - Your candle wick to 1/4" before each use 

    BURN - Burn candle for a full melt pool on the first burn

    (allow 3-4 hours of burn time)

    TIME - This candle is considered an intentional candle and should burn for a long period of time

    WATCH - DO NOT leave candle burning unattended 

    SAFETY - Keep away from children and pets

    PLACEMENT - Place candle on a heat resistent surface away from flammable objects 


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