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TAH Logo Hoodie

TAH Logo Hoodie

SKU: 366615376135191

To Attain Healing Logo Hoodie Represents An Individual In Its Complete State Of Healing Through Mind, Body And Soul.


Only comes in highlighter yellow.


    The To Attain Healing Logo Hoodie is 100% cotton and only comes in highlighter yellow. The hoodie is designed with the logo on the front of the hoodie. 

    The brightness of the hoodie represents LOVE and LIGHT. 

    The Logo represents: an individual in its complete state of Healing through their mind, body, and soul. 

    The circular "To Attain Healing" pattern represents the mind. In order to heal you have to change the narrative in your mind, so that it radiates to your core. 



    To Attain Healing's return policy is as follows.  Returns are for damaged items only. After 14 days no refunds or exchanges are offered. 

    Damages - if any of our items are damaged upon arrival a new item will be sent to buyer after a phtograph has been sent to merchandiser of proof of damaged item with proof of purchase. 


    To Attain Healing offers exchanges at the buyers expense of returning and shipping. Clothing items are true to size. It is up to the buyer to know what size he/she is ordering so that excahnges does not have to be made. 

  • Hoodie Care

    Wash hoodies inside out in warm wash with like colors.

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